Class on the Trinity in the Old Testament

Come check out our new discipleship series Tuesday September 20 @ 7PM.  We will feature Mike Heiser, director of  academic publications at Logos Bible Software. Mike is an engaging scholar who has been featured on national radio as well. See more about Mike.

Our Big question: The New Testament teaches that God is three persons. But is that found anywhere else in the Bible, as in the Old Testament?! Mike has some really great teaching on this which will probably surprise you.

September 20, 7 PM
Teacher: Mike Heiser PhD*
Where: RCC,  2500 Alabama Street, Bellingham.

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Read Proverbs Chapter 9


Submitted by Russ Sapienza

As a  child and adolescent, I was a student. As a young adult, I was a substitute teacher and a Sunday School teacher (each for three years) . Being on both sides of the desk gave me a deeper respect for teachers and their profession. Teaching is a profession that borders on the sacred, since it is the passing of knowledge from one to another. However, its usefulness is dependent on whether what is being taught is meant for good or evil.

Few passages in scripture bring to life the effects of honorable verses wicked teaching as Proverbs Chapter 9. In this chapter, two women, named wisdom and folly, compete for the attentions of passers-by. In the end ( as a result the education that one received) he or she would eventually choose one path or the other, and this choice would have a significant impact on their lives.

In the new testament, Jesus further establishes the difference between godly and worldy teaching (see John 7:16-18). Later, St. Paul reminds his young friend Timothy to remember what he has learned (see 1 Timothy 6:20-21). It is certain that Jesus and Paul were dedicated to good teaching and those who listened to them often accepted what was taught. Unfortunately, there were exceptions — particularly the religious leaders of Jesus’ time who hated his teaching.

In today’s technological society, education is often seen as worthy only in terms of money or status. Yet, the true value of an education is not only what one gets out of it, but what one gives also.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What do you think makes  a good teacher?
  2. What experiences shaped your views of education?
  3. Who had the most influence on you as a youth?