Gospel Of Matthew

As we enter this New Year and journey through Lent towards Easter, we are going to be spending some time paying special attention to the Story of Jesus found in the Gospel of Matthew.

On Sunday Mornings we will be walking through major themes together.  You are invited to join a group studying the gospel together. Many of us will be using N.T. Wrights book “Matthew for Everyone Study.” During this season we want to encourage you to spend time each day in the Gospel of Matthew in order to better understand who Jesus is and what it looks like to follow him.

Here is the outline of where we are headed on Sunday Mornings.

1.21.2018 – Story Of Jesus “How It Begins” Matt 1-4

1.28.2017 – Story of Jesus “How You Join In” Matt 5-7

2.4.2018 – Story of Jesus “Signs and Wonders” Matt 8-9

2.11.2018 – Story of Jesus “Sent Out” Matt 10

2.18.2018 – Story of Jesus “Creating Contrast” Matt 11-12

2.25.2018 – Story of Jesus “What’s this Kingdom Like?” Matt 13

3.4.2018 – Story of Jesus “How to be a Disciple” Matt 14-17

3.11.2018 – Story of Jesus “Forgiveness and Humility” Matt 18

3.18.2018 – Story of Jesus “Adventures in Missing the Point” Matt 19-20

3.25.2018 – Palm Sunday Matt 21-25

4.1.2018 – Easter Sunday Matt 26-28

4.8.2018 – Story of Jesus “How Do We Respond” Matt 28

4.15.2018 – Story of Jesus “Great Commission” Matt 28