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Pentecost Speaks ()

Kurt Ingram, June 4, 2017
Part of the Pentecost series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

We join the global and historic church in Remembering the day of Pentecost together. A day that changed everything for those who follow Jesus, a day that we need desperately to revisit in such a divided world.

Somehow we may have missed the point. How else could the church in America have allowed racism and misogyny to be so deeply rooted in our tradition and expressions? Hate is cultivated in the kind of tribalism that dehumanizes those who are other. Pentecost saturates us with love and reconciliation and welcome.

Pentecost breaks down walls. Pentecost dismantles power structures that promote racial division. Pentecost humbles anyone who thinks this is about Us vs. Them. Pentecost opens the door, sets the table, and reminds us that we are all family.

What if the Spirit of God blew like fire through your life, through your family, through your neighborhood, through our world? What would it look like? What would changed? Come wrestle in this story with us!


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